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Blue Fire Productions was birth out of a passion to bring life to the power that resides in everyone. We are all walking testaments designed to unlock the potential in others.

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Yokanda Burke is a powerful yet humbled woman confident in her identity and nature (physically and spiritually). She embodies the multifaceted elements of a prolific author, playwright, producer, visionary, entrepreneur, along with many other talents, gifts, and callings.


She is known and fashioned to innovate, build, cultivate, and nurture nations in specific channels of:

  • Public Services (Nonprofit/For-profit Organizations, Community/Humanitarian Services, Education)

  • Business Sector (Insurance, Consulting, Accounting, Business Planning)

  • Entertainment Industry (Plays, Movies, Music, Books, Technology, etc.)

  • Fashion & Beauty Industries (Apparel, Skincare, Makeup)


Yokanda continues to serve as an administrator and advisor for some of the Kingdom’s most powerful and amazing ministries, leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations. Gifted to thrive gracefully in the marketplace is one of her greatest passions!

​She continually seeks divine wisdom and knowledge in stewarding and executing excellence in everything for God’s glory. Fulfilling the mandate of intercession, winning souls for the Kingdom and helping others to live their full potential are what she lives and breathes for! She has been graced with the ability to function gracefully in multi-dimensional favor, humility, and love.

Yokanda is a woman that knows who she is, what she was designed to do and will stop at nothing until she fulfills the heart of God!

Yokanda Burke